Thursday, December 28, 2006

Dennis., the innocent menace...

So., there's this kid., 4 yrs old. Naughty, active, running around the house n touching stuff he shouldn't be doing and touching stuff he should't be touching. All part of the learning process right ? Right.

Now, he goes into the balcony of the apartments where there are a whole lot of pigeons. He sees two pigeon eggs on an old cardboard box. He's never allowed to touch eggs at home coz he's just a kid. He sees the oppurtunity n gets them inside the house. Grandpa asks the kid what he's hiding in his hands. Kid refuses to show. Grandpa somehow manages to see. Kid gets tensed n crushes one egg in his hand. Grandma throws away the egg instead of putting it back where it belongs coz of the stupid notion that the pigeon won't accept it.

Two lives lost. All charecters from my family. Sad, very sad. N the worst part is that this incident is being told to everybody n has become a matter of discussion for family members n they end up laughing about how cute the kid is.

Kids are innocent alrite., what are parents for ?

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