Monday, December 11, 2006

High Season for weddings...,

36000 weddings to take place on one day this december in Delhi !!! This new's has been all over the net.. different sites report different dates ( all sundays though ) .. different numbers but this is the most popular. Whatever the number.. it's a titanic number of wedding celebrations !

It's simple maths., 36000 weddings = 72000 people ! That multiplied by atleast a minimum of 100 guests each ( and max can reach upto anywhere )., 36000 multiplied by tens of kilos of food adds upto lakhs of kilos of food cooked on that occassion. Not sure if Delhi has so many pandits and mandaps. I wonder if people would like to share ? Tons of flowers and decorations.., thousands worth of gifts., roads full with baarats., the atmosphere filled with the sound of crackers and the aroma of cooked food and the perfumes of guests and relatives.

This is one mega celebration for delhi ! Sad that I don't know even one of those 36000 couples ! Damn ! Missed out on some good food ... but anyways., wish them all a happy married life ! One can only imagine the love in the air in delhi on the first night ! Phew !

The news.

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corn said...

i am sure all those got married might be living happily ever after