Friday, December 15, 2006

One Psychotic Rambling noticed...

Vulturo.. a blogger and a contributor at the popular Desipundit group blog has written a post on his blog titled "The Bane of Blogging". It's a good post., he's written about how 'crapblogging' is 'misusing' the resources of the blogging world. I understand that everybody's entitled to their opinion n he., to his.. but so do I.

I am not sure I will agree with his labelling of most of the personal blogs, if not all, as 'crapblogs'. That's a heavy label he's using for something that doesn't suit his personal taste. A blog is basically a journal written in reverse chronological order. Many blogs are about politics, technology, travel, fashion and some eclectic. But nobody ever defined it to be limited to just those. A journal can also be a diary and many bloggers use blogs for just that. isn't calling somebody's diary crap kind of rude ??? But hey.. I guess everybody's entitled to their own opinion.

To compare someone's personal journal as crap is almost like insulting their personal lives. Some people like to live their lives in the shadows., some like to share it with their close circle of friends and family and some like to put it online. Some find it comfortable to speak their hearts out on their blog as they don't have people around them that really listen to them. Some people blog expecting people to find other people with similar interests or lifestyles that they can relate to. Some people blog looking for advice or comfort in a stranger than none in their lives could offer. If personal interaction between bloggers and readers is silly or almost 'lowlife' as it sounds in this post., internet can get as cold and robotic as it can be. But hey.. everybody's entitled to their own opinion.

"Two or three paragraphs of text containing the above mentioned traits is bound to drive a guy like me crazy". That is enough to say that not everybody is a 'guy like him' n there are millions more who're not 'guys like him'. But hey.. everybody's entitled to their own opinion.

I agree that there are a few blogs which use too much of sms slang and other weird lingo. The majority don't. Even though the form of writing doesn't comply with all the rules of grammer and punctuation, it gets the point accross and without feeling like you've just been through a school textbook. Just like many of us don't like to speak formally to our friends as if to our boss or school principal, it is the same for blogs. Bloggers aren't really writing an english exam or care about anybody judging them for their grammer or punctuation. They just don't care. But hey.. everybody's entitled to their own opinion.

As far as comments go.. personal bloggers don't care about the comment count. If they find what they're waiting to hear in their comments., even if it's single digit comments, it makes their day. How ? Not everybody will understand. But hey.. everybody's entitled to their own opinion.

Not everybody is intellectually brilliant or can speak out on social issues with finnese. Not everybody searches the internet or the news papers on what has happened where and how is going to affect the Economy or social stability of the country or anything like that. Why ? May be it's boring, may be their interests lie somewhere else, may be they feel that that is a misuse of blogging resources. But hey.. everybody's entitled to their own opinion.

The looks.. all I can say is 'Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder'. That statement's enough to say that not everybody's opinion about something they see is the same. If someone idolizes a wrestler or an actor., he will like to pin up their pictures on their walls or their blogs., someone might just want to put accross their attitude on their blogs throught the layout and many readers understand that. Guess where that leaves the plain looking blogs. Nothing against them, but unless u're already very famous, readers wont spare a second in moving to another page. But hey.. everybody's entitled to their own opinion.

This is not a hate post or something that I want to throw back at the blogger because of the slight twiching in my brain that he caused me., if we can call that anger. It's because everybody's entitled to their own opinion n so do I.


Arpit said...

Am Arpit.. i write a tech blog
Can we exchange link? If yes, add me in you blogroll and drop a msg on my blog.. i will add you in my blog roll..

Ghost Particle said...

really appreciate your comments on the 2050 blog. Would love to have you there. Yes, not many people are contributing there, but there will be a revamp soon to set a clear direction for that site.

Thanx and jst shoot me a mail if you want to contribute.

anirudh pucha said...


kEEP iT uP Bro

Vulturo said...

I can understand your feelings. :-)

Siempre en mi Corazon said...

again a nice one dude :) but it was jez his perception..... n now wut yo wrote waz urs!!!!! nahh necessary to b same!!!!... he mite think hiz own life a crap..... but who knwz wutz store in hiz life, n y hez writin dat!!!!! "PERCEPTION " wowwww... got an ideaa:D will write on perception in mah next post :P

Kk said...

@ Vulturo : Ha ! U wish... but obviously that's not pssbl is it ? Hence your post... anyways., thanks for dropping by [:)]

Anil P said...

To each his own.