Monday, December 11, 2006

Just another day... NOT

Early in the morning.., about 8 am., I was having a nice dream., a senti dream about ppl from my extended family who in reality lack senti emotions. As they say... most dreams are unreal ! Anyways., i was still in that dream when suddenly everything went blank and i saw sparks and then some sensation in my left hand. The prev nite I was up pretty late and didnt have the patience to clean up my bed., so i slept on a matress on the floor beside the door. When i wake up., i see the door crushing my finger ! Ooooouch ! Actually.. in my very own words., i said (or howled ) somethin like "Aaaoooooww... Aaarrrggghh !!". What a way to wake up !

The rest of the day's the usual.. blah blah blah ( not worth mention here )., but in the evening., I planned to go to the newly opened McDonalds with my friends and as usual our plan got delayed by about 2 hours. Finally we made it there and we tried out stuff like a Veggie burger (that looked like it was beaten up)., paneer Mcpuff( almost suicidal crumbly)., Coke n an icecream ( yummy ). After we gobbled up all of that.. i'd still give my vote to my regular eat-out place. But ye., the coke n icecream were good !

I had to drop off a college application before 9 in the night and I reached the courier at 9:15.. the good guys there still accepted it and after thanking them I came home. Wiping out my sweat in the elevator., i check my pocket n what do I see.. the Demand Draft that's supposed to be in the envelope is in my back pocket ! No magic tricks here... it was just silly me ! I rushed back n put the DD back in the envelope n had my dinner n rest in peace... i mean.., umm.., slept well.


bianca said...

I've never heard of anothe rpersona ctually reviewing Mc Donalds as if it's a real resturant.. silly

my newest post is in tribute of u

Siempre en mi Corazon said...

ahhahahahahahha!!!! dat waz gud...... dude..... u hav gud writing skillz.......