Saturday, December 31, 2005

The New year's here !!!

This is the time 4 everybody to make new resolutions 4 the new year., y everybody makes resolutions at this time is kind of confusing to me., coz its not the begining of our academic year., or the financial year., doesn't even match the start of our local new years too ! May b its coz the whole world gets to welcome the new year and make new resolutions at the same time !?
Watever the reason., resolutions are good ., if u can live up to them. Let me tell u my opinion bout the resolutons n stuff. Resultions., like 'goals' should be realistic., simple and something that'll give u satisfaction in ur heart. Something that'll help u be a better person. Something that'll make u feel good about urself. If your resolutions are not realistic or something u like ., u probably can't keep them up 4 long . and THAT is just like u lying to urself !
I've seen ppl tell out their new year resolutions and laugh it off immedietly ! Its my personal opinion that those ppl are the kind that lack serious self control or determination. Y promise urself somethin u cant do and then give up to laziness and other excuses ., right !?
I know i'm a lil lazy ., but i also know i'm pretty strong at watever I do when there's a motivation . I've decided to make three simple resolutions for the coming year .
The first., I'm not gonna try my hand out at many things ., but watever I'm goin to., I'm gonna give everythin I got to be very good ( if not the best) at it.
Second., I'm gonna try my best to be a good friend, a good son and a good brother to my friends n my folks at home.
Third., Everyday., I'm gonna try follow atleast 4 out of the
10 steps to happiness that I've mentioned in one of my prev posts .

Friends., resolutions are made to help n motivate u achieve somethin u wanted to do 4m a long time., so plz dont do it just 4 the sake of it.
N now., after saying that .., I'd like u wish all u guys a Very Very Happy n Succesful New Year !!!

and hey .., I'd sure like to know wat guys have promised urself to do this year.., so plz do let me know ..,


keerthi said...

hey kk...ur reso sounds gr8 to me...well i dun wanna laff ma resos off so decided not to make any impulsive ones...m gonna take t slow n focus on every lil thing i do:)
well dat sounds like a reso na...mayb dats mine:)
anyways happy new yr to u2...ciao tcare:)

Hell's Angel said...

Hmmm..My newyear resolution is to take no more resolutions in the coming years cos i've never gone by it..
Happy Newyear!!

Fursat said...

MY resolution is to not to be caring anymore..ppl dont care abt you..

wish a happy new year

God bless u !

harsha said...

Hey Kokaaaaa
A Very Happy New Year To You Too

umm...My new year resolution is to "reduce the time i spend on phone calls so that i can save on my recharge coupons reeee"

Take Care