Sunday, September 25, 2005

My Girlfriend !!!???

For some crazy reason ppl keep thinking that I have more than one girlfriend ! Where in the blue hell did they get that !!!??? One friend asked me " u're 21 years old, happy n goodlooking., y are you stil single ? Y don't you find one good girl for you?"
I thought about it for a while., may be my friends right.., may be its really time. All my life I’ve been believing that 20+ years of age is the perfect age to get involved with someone.., seriously., it is.
But again., I’ve also believed in someother principles . The main idea for me believing that this age is perfect for having a girlfriend is that you usually are done with your studies and soon., you’ll be standing on your own feet., an independent grownup., someone who’s old enough to be responsible for the choices you make and the actions you take. When you’re earning your own livelihood., you can answer to anyone who thinks they can tell you that what you are doing is wrong or right. Also ., your responsibility of following the rules laid down by the parents when you’re dependant on them kind of ease up.
As far as I am concerned., this is the main reason Y I have been single and probably don’t regret it too much.
The reason my heart probably agrees with my mind that I’m happy single is that may b I haven’t yet found the perfect girl yet. I’ve got some really great girls as friends .,some are my serious crushes.., so nice n cool that there just mite be ppl who’d kill for them ! Amazing people with very interesting mentalities.., I have a LOT of fun with them ., I’m always here to help them out WHENEVER they need it. The sad part being.., however perfect and fun our friendship looked / was .., I’ve JUST NOT been able to really seriously connect ( atleast romantically) with anyone of them however fun our friendship has been. It has always been about fun., fights n other stuff.
Life is fun., but we do need some seriousness to balance it out. Not that I got problem with fun., but I personally think u can know somebody well they're serious., serious in the sense., not foolin around jokin n stuff. Well.., that ., I dont have in my life. Sounds strange that someone is missing out on moments 'without fun' ! but its true.
Well.., I’m not that ‘into’ the boyfriend/ girlfriend stuff ., nor do I have any experience in this..,but., I sincerely believe that unless some serious understanding n bonding are present., the relation cannot be a success !
Another thing that has been bothering me is.., wat if I've found the perfect girl., but according to my above stated 'principles' ., I've still got to wait for sometime., but again scared ., might miss out on her., wat if things don't work out well in the future., wat if some other lucky guy gets her b4 me !? Things like these scare me.., but guess there's nothing I can do about it ! Life's like that.., this shud keep me satisfied 4 some time.., but definetely not happy..,


rohini said...

hmm..okie..i dig it!![:P]..buh gimme sum more time still not up for it *tease* *tease*

Kk said...

Oh! i'm heartbroken again ! :(

incognito said...

dude..u jus stole the thght outta my mind..but i did find the perfect girl!:D

rohini said... i can say is..*next mood swing in other 6 min* **wink**

alekhya mandai said...

i believe that someone somewhere is made for everyone.though it may sound filmi its true.some people get to meet the right one at a very young age while some discover them later in find a life partner,it calls for a lot of maturity and emotional bonding which most guys of our age group u dont have 2 look 4 will come 2 u when d right person steps into ur life at the right time.

Kk said...

wat if you met someone amazing now., but have to wait 4 a few more years for everythin to b perfect.., but not sure the other person's goin to wait 4 u.., or how things are goin to be in the future..,
this kinda situation is sad aint it ? :(

rohini said...

yeah true..dat kinda situation is sick!!..n am feling sick now!!!..

mandyerickson90377910 said...
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zephyr said...

ther's no un like tht un '"all perfect partner". at diff modes in life u get diff ppol suitin ur likes at tht point 'a'time n u gotta get on along wid'em

ArChaNa said...

Ah!! these things always keep bothering..(like u wanna stand on ur own feet..etc etc)

U dont know when u fall in love.. but when u know.."You know"

if u r into a serious relationship or whateva..then i suggest u just go ahead n express it rather than worryin!

Am I right??

Kk said...

Well archie., u're right., so is everyone else., hmm., i'm scared now., u ppl are tempting me to do somethin I didn't think I'd no atleast 4 another 3-4 years.., :D
but that don mean I'm gonna do it., but again ., that don mean I'm not gonna think about it :D

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lavanya said...

Hey... Komal the kiddo..JUS kiddin... Good stuff man.. very true.. very true indeed..!!!

abhilash said...

kya bhai roj kya karele hon ye to bahut hi pyaara sa bak-bak hain; hey ur pretty cool man ur doin grt work ra