Friday, September 23, 2005

Wow ! Wat a boring day ! Was stuck in the class the whole day. Couldn't join my friends for sports coz of my back injury. Couldn't even sit with them n watch their game. I was so darn bored that untill the end of the day at college ,I didn't notice my friends didn't come to college 2day., didn't notice that I didn't have anything for lunch., didnt notice that I was running a slight temperature. The bus journey home was better coz my friends had come in my bus to give me some company. I'm real glad that they did. After coming home., got refreshed a bit., took a risk n went out to out regular hangout after close to 2 months now. This again I'm glad I did., coz it was nice fun there too. The fun part of the day was good. Wat really dissapointed me was that I had so many 'friends' around me but NONE to give me company when I really want to go out and have fun. It'd b selfish for me to force someone to go out with me for my own pleasure but as a friendaholic like me., its really sad that I have to spend my day alone @ home just like I did the whole month I was out of action ! I miss my old friend., my best buddy Arjun like hell 2day. Really wish he was here 2day.., I'm sure he wud have given up just about any work for me. Well.., THAT is wat true friends are for !


rohini said...

y so glum!! cheer up sweetheart!! happens at times..thou u hav so many arnd ..u still feel alone..thingies will fall into place..don u worry..:)

Kk said...

I know ron.., I kinda believe in this..,
" Aaj bhi hai pakde yeh umeed ki dori
Don’t lose hope is the moral of the story
Jisne seekha inse, life mein kabhi bhi na jhukna
Life mein milega, bhaiyya umeed se dugna "

vatsalya said...