Saturday, September 24, 2005

Fun on an almost hopeless day

Alrite ! After reading my previous post you must b feeling real sad for me coz I had to spend the whole day alone at home. Well.., ehem.., I think I spoke, rather .,blogged too early ! today wasn’t that bad day after all ! I woke up determined that I’m not goin to let this holiday go to waste. I had my hopes on two friends., rohit n kartik. I know they’ve watched the movie already., but I also knew that we make pretty good company n sure to have fun when we’re together. I decided to take them to the movie even by the use of force if I had to! Good that I didn’t have to resort to that ! I just called up Rohit n he said yes ! Went n talked to karthik., he said yes too ! Karthik decided to come late., we both left 4 the theatre 45 mins before the show ., on a holiday ! Obviously we didn’t get our tickets. We were just goin to return home when some guys we knew offered us two spare tickets they had. We had gone to the multiplex to watch one movie and ended up watching another movie ‘ Chocolate’ . Only the name.., nothing sweet about it. A complete action movie very well shot and nicely made. A review about ‘CHOCOLATE’ will b coming soon on my blog but for now., I’ll just say., it’s a good movie and lucky we did decide to watch it rather than return home.
After the movie , we called karthik n had some nice hot chat at a new place we decided to try out n after that ., they’ve gone to meet up with other friends n I’m here., blogging about my not so boring days.
Just goes to prove that no day can b real bad. I’ve also learnt a lesson 2day. Even when the sky is full after dark clouds.., u shud always remember that it’s bright n sunny on the other side .., the clouds ARE going to make way soon.

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