Thursday, September 22, 2005

My fourth tiring day at college. Well., frankly it wasn't thaaat fun 2day .., as much as it was the first three days., but ..,I guess i prefer getting bored with my friends around me to gettin bored all alone in my bedroom.
Its the fourth day at college and I still keep getting comments n statements like ' Oh ! u've become so thin!' and ' U've become so fair!' .., its very nice to hear those.., but I'd love to hear more of.., ' Hi ! welcome back.., look wat a big wonderful chocolate I got for you' or ' Hi ! gr8 to see you back., lets go., I'll buy you lunch today'.
Also one 'strangly flattering' thing I noticed was that people I just used to wish with just a hi or a bye came up to me n told me they were wondering where I was all these days ! Its strange coz .,personally I just take notice of only ppl I'm friends with ., I know now it makes me feel a bit guilty.., all those ppl really take notice of me ! ..,and the flattering thing is ., I have ppl I don't talk to ., concerned just enuf to notice that I'm missing. Well., I really don't Njoy much attention., good or bad., but I am really touched by all this.
After three years of getting bugged BY the college., its kinda weird .,saying that finally ., now., when its time to get used to the hard fact that the same time next year., I'm not gonna be in this college with all these wonderful friends of mine., I'm gonna miss my college !
As we all know., I'm not the kinda guy thats gonna sit n cry about this till the time really comes. I'm not goin 2 let some surgery stop me completely from having fun. I wanted to Live life and Njoy life in the coll this year ., and HELL YEAH I'm gonna do it !


rohini said...

yo boy!! now i c yo in real spirits..[:)]..llife is short..especially life in final yr[:P] go.. phod dho!!!..dang!! i still can't digest dat i hav to final year..still njoyin life to the career oriented goals..jus havin lotsaa fun with frenz..after all tis gonna be the last yr of neva-nding fun[:(][:(]

incognito said...

thats the way...Have fun..and dont let injuroies bog u down!