Thursday, December 01, 2005

Movie Marathon Update 1

I just watched the Movie Salaam Namaste and I have the songs., love them.., n there's one song in particular that I really LOVE !
' TU JAHAN..,' an amazing composition and the lyrics.., OH MY GOD ! makes you think how beautiful a language hindi is !
Its different from the over poetic mushy love songs of bollywood where the hero says "Ask me and I'll get u even the stars" or the heroine sings " I've waited many 'Janms' for you " n all that silly unreal crap. The lyrics in this song are full of innocent Love they have for each other. Its very real in the sense., the boy is strong at heart n like a real man shows his possesiveness n his intention of sheilding her from problems . The girl is like .., real innocent n how happy this guy makes her n stuff. Kudos to who ever has penned this song. Here are the lyrics.

Tu jahan ., mein waha..,
Sang sang yu,. chaloon tere .,
jaise tera aasma, ( this kinda shows his possesiveness)
( X 2)

Jo dhoop nikley.., chaaya ban jaaonga
Jo ho thu akeli., saaya ban jaaonga.,
Jo uljhan mein ho man., main behlaaonga.., ( the guy being the shoulder to lean on)
tum aa gaye ho., tho jeena aaya hain.,
khushiyon ka tumney.., yeh jaal bichaaya hain.,
khoya hain khudko .., ya sab kuch paaya hain.., ( the gal Xpressin how happy she is to b with him)

Tu jahan.....,

Ho gum ke baadal., mujhpe tham jaanede..,
Bechainiyo ko.., mujhse thakraane dey..,
Dukhthi ho., koyi baath., mujhpe aane dey.., ( the ever protective loverboy., well said dude !)
Dil sochtha tha.., ki koi apna ho.,
Koi Raaz na ho, Jo usse rakhna ho.,
Aankhen na kholoon mein., shaayad sapna ho.., ( the innocent dame., sweet .. )

Tu jahan...,

I just love the simpleness n the plain innocence in the song.
Male lead singer Sonu nigam has done gr8 Justice to this song ! I donno who's the lady, but she's done gr8 too !
If U haven't got this album yet.., get it now ! If u got no cash.., download it 4m somewhere ! But do get the songs.., they're really nice !

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keerthi said...

hey kk me finally got2 readin a bit our blog...when i hrd this song i ws like...the tune s soo common etc..nvr foc on thw lyrics...theyre rily rily nice yaknow:)
rahi baat tere frds wali resolution ki i say gr8 goin...keep it up:)