Tuesday, February 07, 2006

4m me to everybody ..,

When I was in the first semester of my final year, just a few months ago., i thought second semester's gonna b so much fun coz u almost dont have to go to college at all. May b work 2 days a week for the project and chill out the other 5 days . Thats wat I was expecting. Now., i'm done with my project., and have soo much free time in hand that I'm bored of being bored !

Life's pretty stagnant and there's nothin to inspire me to write bout somethin., anythin here !
So...., I'll just write down stuff that I wanna tell everybody ., my friends., their friends., my regular blog readers., strangers ., everybody ! These are kind of casual suggestions., advices., watever u call them.

- When u see somebody u know., make sure u greet them .., try doin it in ur own style.Hello, Hi, Wassup, How r u.., anythin will do. I'm not much of a talker, so I smile. Ppl remember u 4 a longer time then ., than wen u just walk by .
- When somebody's taking ur pictures., with ur permission of course., plz plz smile. Pictures are 4 remembering some good moments in life. U don wanna look like somebody's takin ur pictures holding a gun at ur back !!!
- When u're eating something , Njoy every bite like its ur last., n try not to eat while watchin TV. That way., u'll b satisfied and even eat less. Yes., its true. Thats a good thing 4 ppl who wanna loose weight and also u'll Njoy ur food.
- When u're with friends or family., try not to speak in a fake accent coz they all know ur true accent and it really irritates some ppl.., like me. Nobody likes fakes.
- Try to remember that not everybody has taken the GRE test. So keep ur vocabulary down to wat we mortals can understand. If u wanns show off., do it in the exams.
- Try not to complain bout ppl with whom u cant get along well. Not everybody has to be friends with everybody.

- Everybody has different mannerisms. Try understand ur friends better. Its better to not do somethin than do somethin that'll hurt ur friends. Even if u do., DO NOT let the 'EGO' demon to stop u 4m apologizing to them.
- Everybody has fights with their friends., but gr8 friends are those who can get back on track with each other the earliest. Life's too short to fight n waste even an hour with the ppl u care for.
- There mite b many new exciting things in life., but ppl who cant appreciate the old stuff that they already got with them can never b happy or satisfied with anything !
- NEVER lie to ur family and friends coz they're the ppl who'll back u up when the rest of the world turns on u.
- However good friends u are with somebody., long breaks without being in touch can slowly chew up on the friendship like termites inside wood. Its not visible., but its happening.
- When something's bothering u a lot., talk bout it to somebody. When something someone's done is bothering u ., talk to them bout it. It ALWAYS helps.
- Being really open n honest bout everything with ur friends always helps in bonding better. Have silly talks bout random topics with ur good friends. Believe me., its a lot of fun n u also get to know a few things bout them that U never knew b4.

I'm not really perfect to advise somebody on anything but., I'm working on a few of these myself. I dont want to bore anybody to sleep after reading these. More points on my next post., soon. After that u can sleep. :P


Preetam said...

hmm..nice points da..good that u r striking a chord in evryones thots..:-)

rohini said...

hmm..ain't bad..u can manage wel as a gen-y preacher *wink*..wot say??

getting bored to death??..wel happens..c i ws sane enuf to regularly procrastinate mah project dates..

fun unlimited!! :)

alekhya said...

who knows better abt life being short than me...thats y i try 2 pull myself up even when the worst happens.its nice how u put simple things in beautiful words...

archie said...

Those are some real good points!

However good friends u are with somebody., long breaks without being in touch can slowly chew up on the friendship like termites inside wood. Its not visible., but its happening.

damn! its already happening with me :o

Lizzie said...


Preeti said...

dont u think or used to... like the more u do for some ppl or the cared ones... the more they hurt u... coz of the ego in them...wel it happened to me ... since then i m bindaas... me, myself, not thinking much abt others.

Hell's Angel said...

oops the post is over is it?? sorry i dozed of.. hehe.. jokes apart it was really good man.. even i need 2 work on all these..

Kk said...

@ Preetam: Glad u felt that way ! :)

@ Rohini: gey-y preacher eh., I wud., if I cud ;)

@ Alekhya: Its always small and simple things in life that matter the most ..,

@ Archie: Careful there !

@ Lizzie: Glad U finally came ! :D

@ Preeti: True., its always our most loved ones that hurt us the most. Its upto us to let it go or hold on to the pain. Personally., I 4give., but never 4get.

@ Hell's Angel: Yes u need to., everybody needs to. Small things like these are wat effect our life n mood the most.

jags said...


Best part of ur posts is u r trying to share ur experiences, I am sure u might have taken them from ur own life. If I am true then I am glad I came across a person who is leading towards perfection.

The optimist from utopia said...

Affirmative.. I can TOTALLY identify with your thoughts..

Out of curiosity.. Are you by any chance bored to death and have too much free time in your hands..
Only such people have time to think of stuff like this..
Before you get offended, I am one of the so-called jobless people.. :D

ravi shankar said...

hey komal...
goodones yaar..
especially the "gre one"...I also was thrashed sometimes for using those words..
I firmly believe taht egos are the main cause for all differences between good friends..
where there are no egos there r no differences...
cheers buddy....

badgirl said...

very diff one bt nice one not able to read the all, honestly speaking i never listn or read any suggestion ;) :)))))))))

rohini said...

Its been a week!! nd i c no new blog entry up in here!!...
geee!! i almost died outta shock!!;)

Kk said...

@ optimist from utopia : Yes pal. U're true ., i got loads of free time in my hand ! but thats not the reason i put up this post. These thoughts always keep circling in my mind coz whenever there's a small problem in my life., its mostly on of these things that are the reason. So., i'm just tryin to help others those who think i can help them by writing down all those points at one place.

Kk said...

@ Badgirl : May the Lord Save you ! :P Just kiddinggg

@ Rohini : Yes I know its been long. But when there are spl long posts like these., i like to give my readers some time to go thru it at their own liesure.
I think thats long enuf time., so new post coming soon on a BLOG near yoU !