Sunday, February 19, 2006

I was just living my life., minding my own business. Blogging casually., unaware of predators lurking around., cute but fierce predators. One day when i was least expecting., suddenly out of nowhere came Nidhi and 4m behind ., attacked ., oops., tagged me ! So ., now i must do that to somebody else. Before that., i have to follow the rules of the Tag game. This time I have to write down the things I hate the most. So., this is an easy one., without wastin anymore time., here's my top list of things I HATE .

-- This HAS to top my list. I REALLY really really really really really HAAAAATE to be kept waiting. Ppl who tell me " hold on 4 a minute" and then 4get that i exist.., ppl like that deserve a really ad punishment. Somethin like, they have to pee and they got a huuuuuuuuuge line in 4nt of the loo.

-- Somethin that irritates me as much as the thing above is when I'm talking to somebody and I'm cut off in between by them who have 'somethin more interesting to say'. SHUT UP 4 GODs SAKE !!! Let me finish damn it. I already talk less., if i'm not allowed to do even that, i'm gonna 4get the use of my mouth 4 communication !

-- Hypocrites . I dont really know if u can call it hypocracy but.,some ppl make plans and then dont stick to it. It happens too oftn with me and I've got scores of fights with friends 4 this reason and they still never change !

-- I HATE pens that don't write !

-- I hate it when some girls act very bubbly and girly., when in fact they're not. God ! Get a life ., a real one !

-- Confidence is good ., I hate ppl with overconfidence though.

-- Pride in something u have is good., I hate ppl with arrogance though.

-- I hate the horribly stinking hindi soaps on TV. Somebody save India 4m them plzzzzzzz.

-- I hate ppl with half-knowledge bout stuff and when they're stubborn enuf to not accept that.

-- I hate exams., i think its a big insult to all the students. Takin our money, torturin us in class with incompetent staff and after all that then testing us !? Wat thaaa ............ !!??

-- I hate burgers without the white sause.

-- Some ppl can make really good PJs. The rest., plz stick to ur level of sense of humour coz it can get really irritating !

-- I hate it when ppl use the GRE language even when talking to friends !

-- I hate ppl who hate me ., I REALLY DO. If u hate me., then better keep safe distance.

Time to tag someone. Here u go., my friends. Suffer my hate ., sorry., my hate tag i meant. :P

~~ RON ~~

~~ Teal ~~

~~ HELL's Angel ~~

~~ Preetham ~~

~~ Archie ~~


Yvette said...

Being interrupted is a huge hate of mine. It usually verifies the other person is so busy thinking about what they are going to say they have no earthly idea what I just said. Irritating!

Kk said...

@ Yvette : That is EXACTLY wat I feel bout that !

Hell's Angel said...

I Hate this!!!:p

The optimist from utopia said...

I hate girls who giggle a lot.. YUCK!!

Anonymous said...

me too hates ppl who interrupt when I talk.. & don let me talk...

& oh yea.. pens that don write!!


rohini said...

K.K i hate yeeeew for doin tis to me man!!i hate yo!! hoo!!

nd wer u hinting me sumthin 'bout mah PJs...*scratches the chin*

alekhya mandadi said...

good.we have a common hate list.

archie said...

noooooooooo :P

Shreyansh said...

//I hate the horribly stinking hindi soaps on TV. Somebody save India 4m them plzzzzzzz.//

Echo that dood!! ;-)

The Bhandari's said...

I too hate that when I have to wait for someone "-- I HATE pens that don't write !" :)

ravi shankar said...

Good list ...
my first hating item too is same as urs..Waiting ..Sucks...
and girls who act as bubbly...chirpy and stuff..
my suggestion..don't act ur life jus live it..

badgirl said...

dis is sooooooooo cute i hate ppl who hate me lollllzzzz :)

P A said...

gurlz who act girly girly .. wow
n i cant imagine how happy i m to find sm 1 who hates zehar serials..
never endin serials wid such terrible( m still searchin 4 a more forcefukl wrd)story line
a)dey marry 5-6 times .... .well dey r happy wid da present one n suddenly da previous 4 join hands 2 destroy da poor soul .. .. help!...... packet of shit.. da west sud learn smthin
b)dey die but sure to cm back.... bhagwan in sab ko utha le
c)dey forwrd 20 yrs ... n den another 40 yrs .. da oldest character is still alive..... apki lambi umra ka raaz kya hai???

Kk said...

@ p a : ha ha I can relate all that to one particular serial in star that just refuses to die .,just like a stubborn ink stain on jeans ..,