Saturday, February 25, 2006

booze+fags = Common sense lags

2day I had been to my friends Bday treat., a dinner at a Bar n Restaurant. I wasn't happy about the 'bar' part of it. But i still joined them coz he's my dear old friend 4m school. By the time i came., my other friends were already boozing. The only reason i still go out with them is that they never seriously ask me or force me to drink. After i had ordered my softdrink n snacks., I noticed the ppl slowly fillin up the place. I was really disgusted ( i'm lookin 4 even stronger word here) at all those ppl ., youngsters., young employees and middle aged family men comin there., wastin their time n energy on somethin that's wasting away their precious lives. I still cant make out y somebody wud spend money on somethin that'd knock them off their senses. I've seen lots of intelligent n mentally strong ppl turn into circus monkeys after takin alcohol.

I've made a decision after 2day that i'm not gonna accompany any of my friends when there's boozing around. I've also made a promise that i'm gonna stay away 4m this slow poison 4m hell.
And for all those ppl who've told me that ' I gotto try everything in life and also shud experience how it feels to b high on booze or fagging.,atleast 4 once', my single finger salute to u guys.



hudzie!! said...

Hone hone dey nasha.. khoney khoney ko hai kya;) ek saans mei pee jaa zindagi chada...hai yeh toh ek jashan tu thirakhney dey khadam...abhi saanson mei hai dum..abhi chalney dey sitam!! naahh dnt think me in favor of boozin n faggin...bas mujhey toh nasha hai life jeeney ka n succees paaney ka.. cnt ruin it wid liqor or ciggss..:D:D.. Yo!! dude.. coffee piyo n life jiyo;);)

Freak-Y said...

I drink, and cant see why thats seen as a bad thing, seriously had discussions abt this with MY PARENTS! decided not to do it anymore until the end of engineering or atleast till i earn me own money :D. seriously, if i want to waste my money then, i gues it wud be worth it. Waiting for time to teach me :)

and about smoking, totally against it, smoked couple of times , but still totally against it. Cancer :- one of few things i am scared of :P..

And also, comment ur resilience, but have to cut short because of ur single finger salute, totally unnecessary for social drinkers like me :((

Kk said...

@ hudzie : Cudn't agree with u more buddy. I love coffee so much that I'd get high even on that ! :P

@ freak-y : The way I see it., its a bad thing., but again diff ppl think diff.
Good choice bout smokin though.,
My single finger salute is only 4 those who ask me to join them 4 these acts. Everybody's safe till they respect my personal space n thinking :)

Fursat said...

i am happy that i dont booze..and even with your frds, u managed to stay away from it :)

claps for u !!

badgirl said...

KK hey dear tell me the way for hell :)))))))))))))

i m planing to take a flat over dere it will b nice exp in stayin in HELL i think so. yaar dis world not more den hell.

lollllzzzzzz :PPPPPPPP

alekhya said...

hey...very strong point u made here...cant agree wid u more.i cant understand y people want 2 reduce their life span when life itself is already so short.

False_Angel said...

well as he already said, everyone decides for himself what is best, and if some ppl want to drink its their choice, reducing their life or not, its up to them, shouldnt bother other ppl!!!

Trinity Teal™ said...

kewl dude!
atleast u r one of the very few guys out der with an element of common sense.
kindly pass on the gyaan 2 others too.

Naina said...

Like I always say : *grin*

And yeah I had a friend once who wanted to go to some bar or the other every saturday. What a waste of money and time!

Johnny said...

Drinkin isnt a crime. Neither is smoking.

I booze, and I enjoy it more than having stupid birthday cakes.

I dont smoke anymore, cuz I dont like it. If I did, I would have smoked.

Atleast both of them are legal. :)

Hell's Angel said...

hats off..thats nice.. u really deserve an applaud!!

Karthik Upadrasta said...

hey really bad of u :(
atleast i didnt tell you to experience everything in life
so no finger for me :D