Friday, February 17, 2006

Wanna have some ??

Alrite ., enuf of my sad stories ., for now :P

Now., i'm gonna share with u a few of my all time favourite things. Let me start with my all time favourite songs along with a short review for each and the links to the lyrics and the artists. There are hundreds of songs that I love and probably not much space of the server to fit info bout them all :P. Jus that these are my all time Favourites.

Nothing Else Matterrs - Metallica : This HAS to be on the top of my list. Its really cool that a heavy rock band like Metallica comes up with such a semi-rock melody like this. The lyrics too have the kind of meaning that says " I only care for what I like and Nothing else matters ". This is for sure the first song I wanna play in front of an audience if i get a chance to after I'm done with my guitar training.

They Don't Care About Us - Michael Jackson : This guy is really the Prince of Pop ! Even if i play this song on repeat for tens of times., everytime it still sounds so fresh and new. When this song came out the beats or the rythms in this song were somethin no one heard b4. It so young., energetic., full of life., Lyrics are good n different, you shud check it out.

Everybody Wants to Rule The World - Tears for Fears : These guys., a band from the 80's., looked so 80's with their mullets. I never thought this kind of song would come out of these punk kid looking kids. This is a song bout .., well., i really didnt understand the meaning of the song as a whole but the lyrics are still very nice. The beat or the feel of the song are something you would look perfect if Rocky ( the movie boxer ) was training to become Rambo ! It has such a powerful feel. A MUST listen. Get it if you dont have it ., now !

I dont wanna miss a thing - Aerosmith : When I heard this song for the first time on TV., i thought " Woaaaah ! How come a crazy lookin guy like that has come up with such a beautiful song and how the hell is he screaming and is still never out of tune !? I gotto get this song !!". AMAZING song. A MUST Listen again !

Don't Speak - No Doubt : Another song that I'd listen to., over n over again without ever getting bored. Has a kind of spanish-latino feel to it. The lyrics are a little personally spl to me., in another way though. Anyways one of the best songs ever and my sis hates this song so much and that makes it all the more nicer to listen to. :P

Just Feel Better - Carlos Santana (feat Steven Tyler of Aerosmith) : This is a very new song and a few times that I saw it on TV., I didnt pay attention to the song (donno wat was wrong with me!) and was just saw the video which was more like a movie clipping that a music video and i always skipped this song. I listened to this song and I fell in love with it the very moment. Now i realise that the video was JUST MADE for this song !

Sing For The Moment - Eminem : There are probably as many ppl who hate him as there are who amire him. I belong to the later half. He's a real performer. This song is one of his best ! The casual and very candid Rap lyrics of Eminem with the slow hip-hop beat with the opening para 4m Aerosmith's hit 4m the 70's, " Dream On " which is also one of my favourites ., all a perfect mixture 4 a HIT !

I listen to music as much as breath air to live. Its true., i always have music playing around me., if thats not there., u'll find me humming my fav's, probbly one of these. I'm open to music of all genres and all languages. Take my word for it ., I have a pretty good taste. If you don't have any of those songs above., get them 4m ur friends. I'm Very sure u'll like 'em.


prits said...

hmm gr8 albums...n no opinion bout 3 & 5.. gotta eavesdrop sometime :)

kaushik said...

gr8 list....havent heard #3 and #4...but others are gr8 songs.

archie said...

i almost listen to all the songs metioned here.. except for heavy rock. I just go deaf after listening to those songs :D

Michael Jackson .. my all time fav..n other song which i like the most 'Heal the world'

I don't wanna miss a thing -Aerosmith.. i just love that song.

n i love smooth jazz.

Sheeba said...

hey wat a coincidence.... check out ma blog n see wat i've put up.... btw, nothin else matters is supposed to be one of my fav somgs.... and Dont speak n Sing for d moment are among my fav ones too!!!

The optimist from utopia said...

Nothing else matters rocks.. exactly for the same reason that you happened to mention.
And yeah sing for the moment is good as well.. and so is lose yourself by EMINEM :D
Dont care about us by MJ is not one of my favs.. Like his heal the world and smooth criminal.
Maybe I should post my fav list in ma blog instead of commenting here :P