Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Happy Birthday !!!

I'm soo baaad. I made this post 4 my sis's Bday n saved it but 4got to publish it. I know its a lil late., but still this post was meant 4 her., and its gonna b published anyways.

Hey Sags .,
Happy Birthday to you .,
I know everybody else must have sung this too .,
but lemme tell u somethin i never did b4 .,
if we cud get along with each other a lil better., there's nothin i cud ask for more .,
There's rarely been a day when we haven't fought .,
but u'll always be my lil sister n i love u no matter wat .,
may b i shudn't bring all this up on ur Bday .,
but 'sad' n 'happy' always come 2gether., that's life's way.,
Like always., I didnt get u a gift .,
am sorry bout that., n i didnt find any suitable rhyming word with gift., :P
doesnt matter if 2mrw we have another fight.., another strife .,
always remember that I got ur back 4 life.


Preetam said...

many happy returs on my behalf too..:) *claps*

archie said...

happy birthday to sags!

The Bhandari's said...

Happy birthday (belated) from me too