Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The only thing that's permanent is change..,

I understand that my blog's flooded with loads of senti n emotional posts., so here's on more 2 add to the collection :D

I was just thinkin of how life's changed 4m bak to when i was a carefree kid to now where i'm a careless guy. The first obvious difference is that i've doubled in size ., but ppl say i'm still as cute as i was back then ;) There are probably a lot more things that have changed 4m back then to now., but these are the things that constantly come to my mind.

Back then., I loved to study., no ., nothin wrong with my mind., i just loved competetion and liked being good at what I do. Survival of the fittest., u can call it. Now ., its just about Survival. U can see a small smile on my face if i've just barely passed my exams. I don completely take the blame 4 that., but yes., there've been lots of distractions.
Back then., an outing with friends meant going to somebody's place and playin games or even studying ! Now., I have to dig out every rupee of my pocket money or savings just for one outing. Everythin's changed so much, that its not easy to hav fun without spendin out a few bucks.
Back then., eating out 4 me was in a small hotel, havin a plate of hot yummy dosa or poori. Now., eating out is goin to a restaurant., and havin all this junk food that sometimes cost more than the dress I'm wearing !
Back then., I'd b very happy to get my hands on even a rupee coz i could buy two chewing gums with that rupee ! Now., anything less than 10 bucks doesnt make me happy.
Back then., girls were some'things' i really didnt care about just like the cattle i saw in the streets. I mind my business and they mind theirs. Now., girls are everything. With all respect., girls 4 me are like nice puppy dogs. Don take it in a wrong way., i meant., they're lots of fun., I like them a lot and its really really nice if they like me back.
Back then., dressing up nicely meant anything except 4 the school uniform that i was in half my life. Now., nice clothes have to be real cool., comfortable.,somethin that'll make u stand out n probably turn a few heads and also be in sync with the styles thats 'in'.
Back then., the only problems i would have would b the mathematical problems and a few silly fights with friends which lasted 4 a day at max. Now., every nook n corner of my life is infected with problems. Financial., emotional., physical etc. The other diff regardin this matter is that., back then ., i used to run to my mommy whenever i had any problem ., now., i deal with them in my own way.
Back then., Life was so cool, innocent and peaceful., Now.., life's fun but filled with tensions. Its not really fun growing up...,
Back then., it was then.,. Now., is just now.


Fursat said...

nice post...things change by the time passes. and we change too :)

and what did u mean "girls 4 me are like dogs"

what does it mean x-(

u look cute back then and now :P

Kk said...

c'mon !! Its not like u gals worshipped guys when u were 6-7 years old !!!

bluerose said...

gals like CATTLE??!!!!!!


but hey.. ur bachhpan ka pic's reall chweet!! :-)


Ravi Kanth said...

Its quite an interesting read..also interesting is the thing that back then, almost everybody had a similar life..atleast i found some similarities with mine..
BTW: I'm Ravi( I know you thru orkut)

Shahab said...

Back then., it was then.,. Now., is just now.
That says it all .. Life changes .. priorities changes ... attitudes changes .. everything changes .. :)

Preetam said...

cool points bhai!!... "Back then., I loved to study., no ., nothin wrong with my mind., i just loved competetion and liked being good at what I do. Survival of the fittest., u can call it"...gimme a five for this coz i stil remember d fanatical struggle v did to hang in SE1…facing d lectures of mr. ganesh. (u remember???)

The optimist from utopia said...

Back then.. I used to be sane..
Now.. I got better >:)

Back then.. I used to sleep at 10 and wake up at 6.
Now.. I sleep at 6 in the morning. 'nuff said :D

Kk said...

@ preetam : yeah man., i do remember., those were the days....,

hudzie!! said...

BACK DEN me used 2 think me d only 1 goin wid dis prbs n NOW me happy 2 knw me nt alone... yo! kk guy...evry1 neeedz a chng,v cnt deny dt...bt dese kinda chngz js sux our lives...bt stil feeelz gr8 wen me realize dt me got frndz lyke ya n otherz wid whom me cn njoy..evn a sec spend wid frnz is lyke heaven... cnt turn bak time.. bt cn atleast try makin it worth livin:):)...n yea 1 mo thng... UR POSTS R SIMPLY MINDBLOWINNN...

alekhya said...

i hate changes too komal...but the only things that permanent in life is change as u've mentioned.back then,u always use 2 appear online but now u r invisible.god knows y?