Thursday, November 09, 2006

Dear Orkut..,


Those are some really nice suggestions up there ( click here )that can take orkut to a new, higher level and add to its popularity among its users. As much fun as orkut already is., the growing number of abusers is obviously evidence of ppl who lack moral ethics and will stoop down so low as to create fake profiles or hate communities.

The open registration that orkut has started is a bad step in helping these losers vandalise other users even more easily. I know some people mite not agree with me, but think about it, wat place does a stranger have in a community where he has no friends (to invited him to) ? Orkut was Nice and relatively safer when it was a restricted community open only through invitations.

I have a suggestion for you. I think people who join orkut even through invitation must be approved by a certain minimum number or friends so as to qualify to fully become a member. Also like in a few other online communites., they should be allowed to veiw profiles of those only in their network upto a decent number of levels in between them.

This could be a little in the way of people meeting new friends or dates, but will help a long way in reducing the number of abusers and keep their work in check.

Thank you

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Priya said...

There is some good suggestions up there. thats for letting me know :D