Friday, November 03, 2006

Drive down memory highway....

What kind of guy would go back to the coll that has screwed him badly in his academics and put black mark on his otherwise decent resume, especially when he's graduated and has got nothing to with the coll ? ME ! Ye, Got friends goin to coll on some work in their car and there's still place for one, pretty cool weather here in Hyderabad from the last few days., promised my frnd I'd come and also had 2 or 3 friends that i promised to meet at coll., so., hell., y not go !?

In the begining I kind of felt reluctant to go inside coz rite now I'm not doing anythin worth tellin everybody, especially when a lot of my Jnrs had high hopes on what I wud b doin with my career. Then again, I thought to myself, does it really matter !? I mean., i'm not even an yr old passed out guy and I AM still workin towards a goal., so again., hell.., y not go !?

I was happy seeing many happy seing me. Feels good to be loved by so many doesnt it ? Met everybody I had to meet., visited the canteen., staircases., the loo and ground., all places of memories of coll days. Prob'ly would like to do it again., but I guess things like these lose their 'magic' if u keep doing it too often. So., I'll just live with the memories 4 now.

Try doing this., take a bunch of close friends and visit ur school or coll.., hate it or not., u'll feel good 4 sure.

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Hell's Angel said...

ah..every time i visit my coll after passing out i vow this will be last visit..but something or the other drags to me 2 visit coll 4m reason or the collecting certificates,TC..d-oh..