Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Somebody gimme a car !!!!

Hell on earth. Everybody knows wat I'm talking about. It's no movie. I'm not talking about Afghanistan or Iraq. I'm not talking about Indo-pak border. It's a part of our lives that we cannot escape and have to face its wrath everytime we're out of the house. I'm talking about Indian roads.

They look more like a warzone than "a long, narrow stretch with a smoothed or paved surface , made for traveling by motor vehicle, carriage, etc., " like the dictionary says. Here, in my city they are so bad with so many potholes that I sometimes feel like they didnt actually lay down the road but just threw around the asphalt on the way and let it set on its own. I will do a photopost on Indian roads soon.

It's difficult to drive for even a stretch of a hundred metres without being lifted up off ur bike by some pothole or so called 'speed breakers'. They shud call them back breakers., coz that's wat they did to me. If you've been following this blog for sometime., u'd know that I got operated upon coz of a 'slipped disk'. The new pain-in-the-ass helmet rule also sucks coz not only is it stupid (coz there is a good chance u will die being on the receiving end of an accident on the road even with ur helmet on) but it also causes hair loss ! I don wanna be bald before I get married ! There's also the issue of pollution.

So if u are a kind hearted person with deep pockets and enuf change to spare., please do donate me a car., however old it is. U can leave me ur business card in the comments section and I will contact u. I'm serious...., so u be too :)


wmw said...

Wearing helmets causes hair loss? I only got to know of this here! Ha ha ha...Well, there's still som percentage ratio that it can save one's life. Hair loss better than life loss....

All the best in getting your wheels (four, not two)..

Kk said...

Yes dear., helmets do have that effect., especially in hot climates lik here in hyd. I can go into detail., but not here may b. I know hair loss better than life loss but I doubt the theory that a person will survive with the helmet on.

THanks 4 the wishes. may b u can start the donation ;)

Hell's Angel said...

know wat i rammed my bike into a pot-hole and my bike split into two..hehehe... and car man it nearly will test ur patience and shoot up ur BP level..man u cant dodge and go as u do in bikes..Bikes rocks!!!