Saturday, November 18, 2006

Help me unriddle this riddle..

Here's a riddle that I got fwd'd to me by sms for the second time and everytime I look at it., the veins in my head start to throb. I haven't been able to make out wat the answer is... so I'll take ur help. Try if u can work this out.

_H_T_ _ _I_ _ME_

* I'm a 13 letter word
* Doctors hate me
* Fishermen like me
* Kids love to eat me

Who/What am I ???

UPDATE: Guess everybody except me knows the answer. It's CHATHURINGMES. My vocab sucks. I should have remembered that word when they taught me in my Ist standard. Damn !!!


Saravanan said...

Chathuringmes - Its a latin word for Worms. Chath also means Honey, which kids will love to intake

Anonymous said...