Saturday, November 25, 2006

Fame X better than Fame-ex (gurukul) ???

Lately, the Net, exams and friends have taken up all my time. Believe me.. the answer u'll get from me if u ask me 'Wassup?' will be "nothing much here...". Life's not boring but not much flavour in it rite now. Anyways, I read the paper regularly nowadays n there was an article bout a new show that caught my eye. FAME X (sequel to Fame Gurukul). WOW... nice name... i thought. N wat do I see in the related pic ? Panel of judges that include Nikhil Chinnappa of MTV., Daler Mehndi Prince (or is it king??!!) of Bhangra and Ganesh Hegde., the choreographer turned singer (or the other way around).

The theme of the show was to pick out ppl who have the X factor in them and mould them into real performers. N who'd do that ? Euphoria's Palash Sen and Singer Sowmya Rao. I again went WOW ! This must be one heck of a show. If Palash is pickin out ppl.. they must b really good already. I saw my first episode 2day... hmm......

I am no gr8 singer... but I've grown up in a musical family and I know a good singer when I see one. Half the performers on the show 2day... I have no clue whey they got picked. Most of them were trying to catch their breath while singing n dancing at the same time. Even those who were the saving grace of the show had the same problem. It's too early to remember everybody by their names but I already got a few favs and if all goes as it should they should make it to the finals.

Anyways no complains as of now coz the theme of the show's to 'mould' these guys with 'X factor' into proper performers. Looking at all the talent on the other side of the show., in the judges seat.., there could be pleasant surprises in the coming weeks. Lets wait n watch. Lemme do some free publicity for them. Gladly.. I couldn't see any public voting till now. Yipeee !!!

Watch FAME X ...x...x...x..(echo) on Sab TV. I donno when it airs... check out the schedule 4 urselves plz.

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wmw said...

Oh, it sounds similar to the Australian version that I manage to catch while I was visiting there, it's call The X Factor over there.