Saturday, November 11, 2006

Mayabazaar in CA...

To all My telugu friends in the US of A and also anybody else who like watching telugu movies there.., I got a good news 4 all of you. My friend Uday bought the screening rights for the new Telugu Movie Mayabazaar in the bay area region and will be screening the movie at Ubiquitous Sagar’s Park Theatre location in Fremont,, California from the 23rd to 31st of November.

Here's some info about this movie from him:

Talking about the technical crew of the movie , one of the main highlights
is the director - Mohanakrishna Indraganti. His venturesome first movie,
‘Grahanam’, a gripping silver screen version of the famous Telugu
writer Chalam, won him a national award but left him craving for
limelight. This time, he is back with B.Satyanarayana, producer of Missamma
fame, to make a feel-good
entertainer with a subtle message! The movie is racing towards
theaters on November 15th and the industry insider talk rates it as something
with a potential to become one of the top four telugu movies for 2006 and join
the ranks of Bommarillu !

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Image source: Idlebrain

For more information Visit this page. Pass on the info to anybody who u think will be happy with that.


Anonymous said...

hey..can u link to my blog here

Kk said...

Ye sure ! y not :)

uday said...

thanks kk! :) ... let us hope this becomes a great success !

uday said...

hey we have a change in the dates, the movie is being screened from 23rd to 31st. Can you please update the post?