Saturday, November 04, 2006

Just a small break..

I'm just here., takin a break from my preparation., munching away at an chocolate icecream cone. I donno y., Cornetto feels smaller nowadays., or is it me who's grown bigger ??? Hmm.., prob'ly both.

First of all., there are veery few ppl like me who REALLY enjoying studying.. yes., it's true., but the weathers not cooperating. Hyderabad's been having bad off season rains lately. Coming to think of it., it's really amazing how a cyclone hundreds of kilometers off the shore can pick up water and send it all the way to a few hundreds of kilometers on this side of the shore., and not just drizzles., IT RAINS ! N when it rains., I just feel like sipping coffee., or watch tv or lie down n listen to music or anythin else 4 that matter except 4 studying.

If you've ever been in Hyderabad., you know how a small shower can do to a big city like this. Traffic Jam., power cuts n wat not ! U can actually tell wat's been goin on in ppl's homes coz all their freaking sewage is overflowing onto the road !

Hyderabad or any other city., listen to me., if it rains., stay in the comfort of ur home., fall back., get somethin hot to eat and just chill out !


wmw said...

Yes, I love rain. Best time to snuggle up in bed and fall asleep to the sound and smell of rain. Not daytime, the rain can disrupt our daily activities, what with the flash floods that occur here in Malaysia from time to time.

Trinity Teal™ said...

Hey buddy ... prepping for CAT kya ?
Actually rains render a sense of joy and happiness to my city and yes, there is slush n water logging n mosquitoes .. but it al depends on how u look at it. this time last year, my sem exams were put off for a whole month coz of rains :-D
thanks for the review btw =D
and awesome awesome template! All da best for everything.

Hell's Angel said...

hmm..u r 100% right!!i dont feel like waking up in the morning in this weather.. Feeling too lazy to do anything.. the weather is making me real sluggish..:-D.. anyway if v miss this part of the weather we'll all be left with 2 enjoy only the summer..