Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sona is good 4 the ears...,

If u can listen to a Hindi song playing on my blog rite now and like it., then u got good taste., coz I like it too. It's by this new artist that I heard on MTV. Sona Mahapatra ( and her own band I guess ) has a self titled album 'Sona' out and it's really good, especially the music industry's flooded with Himesh., his mixes., old song remixes.., punjabi remixes. I got the album and I like most of the songs.

It's got 8 original songs and two remixes ( The fever's reached here too !) few of which are my real favourites and are always on my playlist. Kind of reminds me of the 1998-2003-4 era where I believe Indipop was at its best with albums of artists like KK, Shaan, Leslie Lewis, Lucky Ali n a few others. That's becoz the lyrics are simple and not just 'I love u., u love me' kind. They've got depth as in their meaning and a whole different feel in each song.

The hit single 'Bolo na', that's being aired on TV is a slow melody with a kind of alternate rock feel to it with really gr8 lyrics., somethin like I've never heard before and so is one of my fav. Another song is 'Sapne', the one u can listen to here which has a real gr8 message that 'its always imp to have dreams'. 'Aaja Ve' is another good fun teasy-romantic kinda song. This one has the Ram Sampath ( music composer for this album ) feel to it.

The best thing about this album is it really sounds like Indian Pop and not too westernized. If you enjoy good music and are too tired surfing channels for a good song to treat your ears to., switch off the tv and go get this album. By the way.., hope I dont get screwed or sued for putting the song here., but if u like the song., u really gotto buy the album.



Falak said...

I actually stopped listening to Hindi music because I just hated Himesh for his senseless lyrics, idiotic music and most of all his silly sick face!
After like 3 years, I have liked a Hindi song, the one "Sapne" that plays on your blog the first time, I really liked it too.
I think I should start listening to some Hindi music again and yeah I do like KK, Lucky Ali and Shaan but all of them have like vanished now and its all metrosexual posers like Himesh and others trying to make music but somehow just just ****in' can't.

Khozema said...

Well Nice song. Keep it up. and your photographs is too good. u r rocking. why did u not kept google links on ur site

Devils Advocate said...

nvr came across tht song before ...
and i 1ly came across this song in ur blog..
and buying ... i guess it has been more than yrs since i have got a cd..
thanks 2 piracy ... and net i d/l the song .. b/w i lyk himesh i dont c nething wrong ...

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