Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Got problems...? Welcome to the club !!

Yes my friend., there's a club and the not-so-secretive undenaible fact is that everyone of us is a member. Let's call it the 'I got problems club'. Memebership's free and entry for everybody., irrespective of caste, creed, sex, age, height, weight, deaf, dumb, hot-or-not., doesn't matter., is from the front door. Now., wat differentiates one from the other are our membership levels.

'Whiner' status : These are the regular faces at the club., cry about everything that's ever happened to them since their birth. Such ppl complain bout things from their chocolate milk not being chocolaty enuf., bout a hot summer day being hot., bout the sun not comin out of hiding on a cloudy day., bout a movie being bad coz the seats were not comfy enuf and the list goes on. If you are one of those who think that you're the most unfortunate person in the world coz ur dad gave u a bike with unlimited petrol., a cell phone whose bill can feed an entire middleclass family for a month but gives u a 100 bucks less allowance than your friend., then you're gonna feel like at home in this club.

Then there are the 'Dejected', the bummed-out ppl of the society who believe life's never been fair to them and punish themselves for everything that happens to them. Sad., gloomy., mopish., shabby and with dark circles around their eyes and an unshaven face., they're not that hard to find. They look like devdas from the movies minus the dhoti and in rare cases minus the liqour. Lost paro and lost everything in life is what they believe and can also be a lil suicidal at times. If you've lost somebody or something and buy the idea that life has no other goal., then welcome rite in !

The emotionally Demure are those who, like everyone of us have problems but don't complain. They talk about it to their closed ones., some looking for some kind of solution., some for help or support and some just to comfort and relieve their heart the burden of living with the problem. Ppl of this kind are relatively matured., know when to talk and when to cry and usually have good friends who listen to them. But still the signs of their troubled mind is not unnoticable.

Finally., the Nonchalant variety., carefree., happy and almost always cheerful to themselves and to others., no small problem will wipe 'the glow' off their faces and even during the worst times their cheerful disposition always sees the light of the next day without a scratch. They know how to deal with their problems and how to do it without complaining. They live life., love life and learn from it.

Pretty long post.. I know ! The main point of this post is that Life's all about choices., how you live your life now and how your life flows on in the future depends on whom among the above you choose to be. You got only one life., make it worth living., it's yours., no one will do it for you. Cheers !!!


IThinkThereforeIam said...

hmmm...nice .
i like the pics u included in here...gud job komal!!

Hell's Angel said...

well said..i think i belong to the nonchalant category but sometimes im emotionally demure too..

Devils Advocate said...

hey the main reason i visit ur blog is tht u have loadz of quality content in ur ryting, and i guess this is one of my fav post by u.....
just loved reading it ...

harsha said...

Hey Komal,
hit on your blog after a long time. and found this post really impressive....your writing skills seem to be improving by leagues and bounds...Keep it Up re!!! :-)