Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Is it bad to be a lil selfish... ? I guess not ! I'm happy !

This is a long post and somethin's you prob'ly never thought u'll hear from me. This could change ppl's opinion bout me., but I'm true to my blog and to my friends. You deserve to know the real me but at the same time you gotto understand that I am not a cold hearted robot. I'm still the KK u know me as. I am still learning the meaning of life and I've learnt that not everything is or can be perfect. Life's not a fairy tale.. it's more like a horror movie with a lot of humour and a good ending.

Times change.., many things change with time., ppl around you change with time. Wat do you do ? Nature's provided you with the answer n it has worked for thousands of years. You evolve.., you adopt. I've been in that process for sometime now., knowingly or unknowingly I've been evolving. Mite sound a lil unscrupulous., but in today's world the evolution principle of 'survival of the fittest' has became really important and that is to live a lil selfishly.

Be generous and give something to others and they'll keep asking for more. Not just materialistic things but emotional stuff like your love and attention. Some ppl are never satisfied. Try to be a goodie-goodie and before you know they're the centre of your universe and ur life revolves around them. I'm not advising you against this.., just do it for those who really really deserve it.

As far as charity goes., I'm not an extremely generous guy but I'm not stingy or a penny pinching guy. I'm a practically generous guy. I say give away when you have just enough for yourself. Yes u can argue against it saying all nice stuff but hey... that's how I think.

I was very nice to everybody and NEVER lost my temper n wat do I get in return ? Ppl took advantage of the fact that there's nothing that would make me angry and I would just shut up at everything they do. They made me wait at meets., never listened to me., played some real cruel jokes with me., took me for granted in everything. Friends can have that liberty with me alrite but everything.., EVERYTHING has a limit. I've had enuf and I've evolved to the situation. I speak my mind out now. I express my anger., sadness., dissapointment and annoyance when and where I need to. Sure some sparks fly but there is no fire. They'd prob'ly feet a lil' bad., but so do I and the best part is that these kinds things don't happen again.

Did I help everybody who asked for help ? Yes, I did. Do I still do ? Well.., to most of them ! Those few who were excluded during the evolution process are 'takers' and not givers. I dont help others for something else in return. Least I can expect in return is appreciation. Don't even have to say thanks.., there are other ways of showing it. I know some ppl who after doing a lot for them shamelessly ask me what I did for them. They deserve a slap rite accross the face but my moral ethics hold me back. Gratitude is what seperates humans from chimps and those who don't have it should be picking fleas from others backs n eating bananas.

Friends.., good friends.., best friends. I never had these 'classifications' all my life.., untill recently. All my life I treated all my friends the same., the only diff being spending more time with a few than others., which I couldt really do much about. I treated everybody like my closefriends. God gave me this gift that ppl easily confide in me. I've always mistook that trust to be a sign of them being my close friends n it hit me hard when I knew it wasn't true. Call somebody your best friend and the other person sometimes doesnt even wanna talk or meet you coz their priority is somebody else., that could be one of the worst feeling you can have.

You get what you give .... as far as your love.,attention and care for somebody goes., I say give what you can get back. I've given too much attention and care to a few ppl. I don't regret it but it's sad that I didnt get back as much.

Live life ( jussssssst a lil selfishly) .... Love life ( a lot selfishly ) !!!


Hiren said...

You reap what you sow in other words. Relationships are like emotional bank accounts- you can draw out only what you put in.

Priya said...

You rock :D I am too selfish I guess :(

IThinkThereforeIam said...

Live life ( jussssssst a lil selfishly) .... Love life ( a lot selfishly ) !!!
lovely...just too lovely![:)]

Darsa said...

hmm...:-)..kudos to ur theory!

Anonymous said...

the most selfish person,will get the best deal materialistically in dis world,but surely looses gr8 deal which cud me memorably held at old age,when he turns back he could see him and only him.

all dees points mentioned by kk hold good for an ordinary person like us,but not to some of the great persons like mother teresa,nelson mandela who lived-in there whole life selflessly,they will be remembered centuries together.tho we can find very few now :-(....,