Monday, October 23, 2006

Seriousness is a necessary but not sufficient condition for a person to have discussion with. Interest is. Those who always speak seldom listen. U can take a horse to water., u cannot make it drink it. You cannot talk to somebody who doesnt want to listen.

Breakfast and lunch was tasty today., but dinner was a lil' heavy. Supply-demand also has an effect on the prices. That's y today's food was not only tasty., it was costlier than yesterday! Was not really a productive day. Spend most of my day outside idling away time. Travelling by bike is becoming a pain in the ass coz of the crappy hyderabadi traffic and roads that look like a warzone. But still the comfort of travelling on your own is better than the overcrowded public transport with those tiny seats. Long live my bike ! Somebody lend me some money so that I can get new shocks for it.


Darsa said... much do u need...??=)

Hell's Angel said...

u r enjoying ur days with little bit of boredom and little bit of fun..thts really cool..well abt ur bike chk out if u have any good exchange offer..:D