Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Welcome to the world of optimism..,

~Breakfast was boring.., but there's still lunch.
~None of my frnds mssg'd or called me today.., my closest ones mite come home 2mrw.
~Nothin interesting is on tv now.., my fav movie mite be on in an hour or so.
~It's too hot outside to go out.., evening could have the best weather I've ever seen.
~I didnt make it thru this interview.., the next employer could be the one who'd worship me.
~I've missed the bus.., the next one's on its way.
~I didnt win the lottery.., I'm gonna save a fortune learning from this experience.
~My good friend hurt me real bad.., time to find my real 'good friend'.
~My last exam was a 'failure'.., may be this is my 'stepping stone to success'.
~I didnt clear the entrance exam.., I'm destined for something better.
~My girlfriend's cheating behind my back.., good for her that she found her true love n good for me coz I know of this.
~My dad thinks I'm good for 'nothing'.., he doesnt know I'm the best at 'something'.
~I'm loosing a lot of my hair.., bald is prob'ly 'my look'.
~I love music but I got a bad voice.., guitar is prob'ly where I ROCK !
~Small nations are going nuclear.., rest of the world is uniting to stop them.., UNITING.
~Terrorists are creating havoc.., govt's are FINALLY doing something about them.

The left half of every line are not really my problems.., but the right half is how I would look at them. Crying., sulking or complaining don't solve problems., they create new ones. If this has excited even one nerve cell in ur brain., I welcome you to the world of optimism., I welcome you to my world....,


Bianca said...

I think being positive is great but I think one should view the world realisticly. This means not always viewing everything optimisticly or with rose tinted glasses. Does it make one's self feel better to be positive because it decreases the amount of stress.. sure but think of it this way how can you be positive about genocide, poverty and an idiot and his oil friends controlling the worlds super power?

malavika said...

a stark opposite to my last post!!good one much positive enrgy...aaahh..i cant take it...its blinding me!

Siempre en mi Corazon said...

ahahahhahahahah... kewlll post dude.... OPTIMISM.... am still alive coz of dat... :)

Kk said...

@ bianca : I'm as realistic and practical as anyone can be., so much that sometimes my friends call me coldhearted. Wat I said and quoted in the post is not to preach to imagine or dream of better things.., that wud be cheating ourself. I'm just saying., there's life even after that. There's always another way around every roadblock. Instead of crying or complainin bout it.., take the next road.,

Devils Advocate said...

Terrorists are creating havoc.., govt's are FINALLY doing something about them.
r govt doin some thing
neways nice posts dudes....
as u said theres always some kinda postive in what ever v do

Priya said...

awww nice thinking..but it doesnt work for me that way :(

Kk said...

@ sandeep : may b they're not able to eradicate them totally., which is impossible anyways.., but don't u think they're doing jusssssst a lil more than just complaining and crying about it ? Atleast they're planning !!??

Kk said...

@ priya: C'mon .., it works 4 everybody.., u just gotto make an effort to start thinkin like that., u're mind will be happy and will start thinkin like that .,

... said...

i get very few comments in my blog....however i know a many ppl ready my blog :D *gotchaa*

karthik chigurupati said...

frns say i am too optimistic,jus as ur post....,want a remedy KK :P.....,
i wish it wud be in ur next post ;)...,
comment :post is in n around kk's stance

Vini said...

This izzzzz the EPITOME of Optimism!!