Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Life now has become quite monotonous like the Great Serengeti Migration or the annual revolution of the planets around the sun or the courtship of wild animals., they've been that way 4 a long time., they go on n on n on., but not much has changed. I wake up, coffee, few more idlis to add to the millions I've had so far.,I study., I eat., I laze around., I try to study., I eat., I browse the net., the sun rises and the sun sets. Sometimes things happen that make my day., like a sudden rain on a hot summer day. Sometimes I cant wait 4 the rain, so I create my own.

2day I wanted to mobile blog. God bless my service provider for the 1 paise sms that I started sending 'sms blog posts' to my friends with a touch of rhyming words. God again bless my friends who were patient enuf to even comment ! I've got some cool friends ! Few didnt even want me to stop ! But all good things shud come to an end and so must this post. Never make ur friends feel alone as long as u're there 4 them., so whenever u're bored.., bug ur friends !


Falak said...

Hehe, you did just what I do everyday, bug my friends, sometimes I call them up late in the nights like 3 AM or something whenever I get like sudden insomnia which is quite often or sometimes, some of my fellow zombies are online on Yahoo! so I chat.
Baah, my life is monotonous too, get up, study, complete homework, go to classes, return take rest and eat. The only life I am having is currently my internet and nothing else.
It seems like we both are suffering from the same state of lethargy! :P

Darsa said...

hehe..get used to monotony..dats how its gonna be every day!!:-) hug..?!?:-(

Priya said...

oh no ! you are getting more like me as days pass by. you should go out and have fun !! No, that is not a request :D

IThinkThereforeIam said...

i like d last line!![:P]

ecat said...

great phrase " the courtship of wild animals" lol haha