Monday, October 09, 2006

Sunday Brunch(es)...,

Alrite., every sunday's routine., I get up sleepy., go to exam with high hopes., sleep kicks in as soon as i start the exam., i fite it., exam questions fite me., i start pulling my hair., rub my eyes., bite my pencil., look around for ppl pathetic with looks., nobody shows their true emotions., scares me even more., go back to the paper n try to make a gr8 come back., fail miserable in that., suddenly time's up., go out to check the answers and first four out of five are wrong and I close the paper and pack it up safely in my bag and we all shamelessly go to have our tasty lunch as if we're celebrating an achievement.

After that.., was somethin diff from routine. I'm out the rest of the day eating n eating. Funny and kind of humiliating part was that I went to the same place twice with the same clothes on. I was expecting the guy at the door to say "Welcome sir.., again" !

So., enuf talk., here's just half of wat we had today and half of 'we'. Click for larger., yummier pics.


IThinkThereforeIam said...

hmm... again... gud pics..!
oops dint read d post! ;)

darsa said...

maaann..yummmyyy..courier it across!! ;-)

Goutham said...

hey,, did u gav tip to tat door step person twice.....hehehe[:p]
anywzz 1's again gud creativity dude... KK RoCkS!!!!!!!!

Priya said...

u ate my half too ! :X :P