Thursday, October 19, 2006

Dreams unlimited....

I dream of waking up with a sixpack abs and hair that John Stamos would envy.
I want to wake up to a day with no chores and a lot of friends to catch up and party with.
I dream of singing 'Tu Jahan' to my girlfriend.
I dream of having a girlfriend in the first place.
'Papa kehthey hain' is my song. I wanna live up to it.
Though I secretly wish to be the world's most popular person ( I donno 4 wat) ., I would be satisfied if meeting or talking to me would bring a smile to ppl's faces.
Frankly I cannot help everybody in the world., but I would do everything I can to see all my friends always smile.
Reaching the top position and staying there is prob'ly the toughest thing to do in any field., I wanna be the second best in everything I do.
Sometime in my life I wanna do something different from everybody else and want everybody to be proud of me for being good at that.
The best compliment I got would be "I trust you"., especially if that came from a girl.
I am waiting for some special girl to walk into my life and change it for ever.., for the better.
I really like to learn. I wish I get teachers that really like to teach.
I wanna be at a high position (second high) of a company and overhear my employees talk about me as if they worship me.
I really like to sing., I wish I had a better voice.
I am still waiting for my dream friends group with 2-3 guys and 2-3 girls who trust each other with their lives.., trust is the keyword.
I'm still waiting 4 a lot of things to happen.

I like to dream.., dreams give you things that you haven't got or don't get in ur real life. Dreams give you motivation and inspiration. Dreams dig out things hidden deep inside your mind that you weren't aware of. Dream as much as you can., enjoy your dreams., treasure them. Dream on, dream on, Dream until your dream come true ...,


sudhir said...

speaking of dreams, here's one of my posts which does fit the bill

"My sincere apologies to Martin Luther King Jr., but I have a new dream every night. As a matter of fact, I enjoy a variegated buffet of dreams. For starters, I dream of becoming a movie critic for MAD magazine or a caption writer for Maxims. Moving on to the main course, I dream of finding an artist who is willing to collaborate with yours truly on a graphic novel that I have been working on. Finally the desserts, a few years of pedagogy in the quaint surroundings of a boarding school in the hills, far from the madding crowd. When I feel like it, I offer myself the luxuries of getting inebriated with a toast of vacations; wine tasting all over Europe, skiing in the alps, rafting in the Himalayas, scuba diving in the great barrier reef, an African safari, kayaking in the Amazon, cruising in the Caribbean with a Cuban cigar in one hand and cocktail in another ….
And then suddenly I wake up and wish I could simply invent a pill for the indigestion that is reality…"
dream on...dreamer!!

PrDtam said...

all right bhai..abhi tu itna dream kar raha hai tho il b the manager and u the asst ka naam hai **i-dreams** :D

Kk said...

@ sudhir: wow ! Those are SOME Dreams ! Love them ! May b i shud dig deeper to look if i got any of those exotic dreams ;)
as we both said., dream on...

@ Preetam : Oh ye. I'm ready., but i'm the assnt mngr by choice., so dont expect me to come running to u with a file as soon as u gimme a call.., ;)

Darsa said...

i dream of writing a good comment..and hmmm...

Sharique said...

I love these lines "I dream of singing 'Tu Jahan' to my girlfriend.
I dream of having a girlfriend in the first place." :D
Dreams are everyone's property, something which people can manipulate and make themseleves really happy. I have control over my day dreams and i am happy about it..i don't care what i am in real life.
I love these personal blogs..will visit soon and read all your stuff :) and also add you to my 'i read' blogs

ecat said...

you are the first person I ve across who says he wants to b ethe second best!:(