Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The hate award... or shud I say.. the award hate ?

I hate award shows.., especially the regional ones. I hate having to watch 10 or so award shows to award the same 6-7 movies that get nominated in all of them. I hate seeing all those 'classy' stars dance for a few extra bucks. I hate all the idea of putting (read wasting) all that money into making a silly show for one night. I hate the fact that the dancers are fooling us by wearing skin coloured tights under their short dresses. I hate the fact that most of the 'stars' dance like they're being forced to and still get ALL the attention and credit. I hate them for fooling us with fake cheering and clapping sounds when in reality all the uncles in the audience are busy drooling at the dancing girls., aunties are trying to stop uncles from doing that., youngsters busy on their mobiles and all the 'VIP stars' in the front telling each other that they can perform better than the guy on the stage. I hate the fact that it's more of a show than an awards ceremony. I hate the nominations : same singer/lyricist/composer being nominated more than once., sometimes 4 the same movie while other talents going unnoticed. I hate most of the results : the over hyped movies with all the big 'stars' bag most of the awards. I hate the choice of award presenter where an actor presents the award to a composer., a businessman to a director., a director to an actress., an actress to a singer ., etc etc. I hate the Indian audience : they clap as if somebody's got a gun to their back forcing them to clap. I hate it when I don't get to watch somethin else on TV coz somebody is watching an awards show.


Chaitra said...

LOL :)
want the remote ??!!

Hiren said...

Quite a lot of hates you have got. I agree with one thing- there are too many award ceremonies these days- a fact, that is definitely undesirable.