Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Back to College..,

Finally ., here it is., the final semester of my college life. Went back to coll after the vacations 2day., it felt good meetin all my friends at one place. I don hate coll like everybody else does., coz I don look at things like everybody .
We had some official paper work bout the final year project or like its called elsewhere in the world., the winter project. We sure had lots of confusion and tension n stuff.., thats alrite., have to get serious bout SOMETHING ., atleast ONCE b4 college is done with.
Met everybody i wanted to .., well., almost everybody. Had some pretty good food in the canteen., i mean., according to our canteen standards that is.
Didnt do much throut the day other than lots of talkin., but was still not bored., coz even wen i was sittin idle doin nothin., i was doin it with my friends., how cud that b boring 2 me ?
Hopin to see more of college and even more of my friends at college. Lets see how life takes me thru this last sem at college. Hope its real nice., i don wanna leave coll with a feelin that I've missed out on something.


Anonymous said...

remindz me of my last sem in college :)!


P A said...

u true
why leave coll wid da feelin dat u did nothin??
it does happens
once u start enloyin coll u start missin it.... i did durin my holidays!