Saturday, December 03, 2005

No matter how positively I try to look at life ., it just doesn't let me .
I'm the kind of person that believes that friends are somebody U can ALWAYS rely on , no matter how bad things turn out to be. How does it feel when u have friends that u really care for ., give lots of love n affection and trust and get just a fraction of it back ? Feels sick rite ? I kinda have the same sick feeling rite now. Its not about somethin thats happened 2day ., neither it's about all of my friends. Its about somethin that's been happenin 4 the past few days and its about a few friends that I really had hopes on. I'm really havin doubts bout how many of the friends I have rite now are those that I can fall back on .., for the rest of my life .
I've started to miss Karthik and Rohit now..,and Arjun more badly than ever ! I really have ...,

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