Monday, December 05, 2005

From now ., I'm into social service. No., u wont see me doin campaigns n stuff., i was talkin bout helpin out ppl ., ppl like me who have little confusions bout diff stuff in life that makes life a tad harder. I can't assure that these are THE rite way to go about anythin., but these cud help., hope they do !!!
So., lets start with helpin out the loverboys . I'm not a supporter of gettin into a relation at the age/position I'm in., but sometimes its better now than never. So., 4 u guys., here goes..,

When you write a love letter to a girl, remember the do's and don'ts in the following four parts.
Here's part 1 . The rest., soon to follow.

IMP ::: I didnt write it down., but got it 4m a friend. I don wanna take credit 4m somethin thats not mine. Read on .,

Part 1: How you address her gives the first impression!

Forget, "Dear Soundarya!” It sounds like you're writing to your headmaster asking for permission to take the afternoon off to be at your grandmother's funeral for the 3rd time this month.
"Hi!" is acceptable. "Howdy!" is a tad more chummy. "Hiya Haha Soundarya!" borders on insanity. "My Mango-eyed Manna From Heaven!" is great provided you sign off as "Your Secret Admirer!" Let her look in the mirror a whole day trying to see if her eyes are in fact mango-shaped and agonize over the secret admirer. Things like "My Cocaine Rush!" and "Oooh, Babe Delish of Wetdreams!" are best left in the trash bin. "My Sweet Strawberry Shortcake With Vanilla Icecream, Butterscotch Syrup and Macadamia Nuts On Top!" is a stretch. Skip it if she is on a diet. Worse if she works for Dairy Queen. Also avoid abbreviating her name to seem hip. "Hey Soundy!" is a real loser.

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bluerose said...

hey... this is interesting...
Where's the rest of it?
Get it out soon...