Thursday, December 22, 2005

Confessions of a Demure Mind..,

Someone told me I've lived a pretty comfortable life so far.., someone's probably right. I've never ventured too deep into the unknown or tried out new stuff or taken risks., be it physical work, acad related or personal stuff .

- I've not played football or basketball even though i like them coz i always thought they're too tiring and i've always been lazy to try it out.
- I dont go any place by foot or the public bus coz am too lazy after I've got my bike.
- I've missed out on some gr8 movies coz i was too lazy to stand in line 4 the tickets.
- I don't go to family functions coz I don have the patience to sit thru all the long ceremonies.
- I've stopped watchin cricket 4 the same sbove reason.
- I've stopped visiting some of my friends who stay far 4m my place coz they don come over to my place and I wanted to make a silly 'pointless point'.
- I've stopped speakin to some of my old friends coz they're not of 'my type'.
- I've been payin less attention to my acads coz I don seem to b gettin good results no matter how hard I work.
- I've given up on my diet n fintess regimen coz .., well., I've not been disciplined enuf bout it.
- I've not tried for the IITs coz I thought it was too risky., even though there cud have been a microscopic chance that I cud have got thru.
- I'm not tryin 4 MS in the US of A coz I've had blind opinion bout engineering just coz of wat the present stinkin univ did with my results.
- I've never read books coz again.., I didnt have patience to go thru them.,which i now realise is an intersting thing to do.
- I never dressed up stylishly coz I thought ' I'm not on a fashion show.,so wat the heck!'.
- I've stayed away 4m some of my relatives coz they weren't 'cool' or 'interesting'.
- I don talk freely with just bout anybody coz i'm not quite an extrovert n also kind of worried bout how every1's gonna react 2 wat I say .
- I didnt tell the girls I've liked., that .,I like them.
- I didnt tell some of my friends that I miss them coz I wanted them to tell me that first.
- I've never told my parents or sister that I love them a lot coz we not used to doin that much., atleast not me.
- I've ignored some ppl who adore me a pretty lot.

- I'm bad at remember names of ppl 4m my past even thought they remember me.
- I've been givin some ppl some extra attention that they don really deserve.
- I've been givin some ppl some extra care n attention n am not gettin it back .

I guess these are some of the few small things in my life that I have regrets bout and are holding me back 4m having fun and experiencing the magic of life to its fullest . In a line., they're not lettin me b a better person. I think its time I took these things seriously and did something bout them .,I think its ...,


Anonymous said...

wow! thats a confession of a very high order!

appreciate your honesty!


Johnny said...

I somehow felt that u were referring to me in one of those statements. :D Kiddin.

I like your frankness. :) Nice post dude. Pretty emotional, makes me ponder as to what I have not done, which I could have done.

harsha said...

Indeed, a thought-provoking post it is. Maybe i should start thinking too and its time for some "Action" :-)

alekhya mandadi said...

i believe in robbie williams song "no regrets now.they only hurt".so jus b d way u r. :)

Anonymous said...

hey i liked ur post a lot...u expressed a lot of things which ppl like me go through...kudos to u

Manish said...

hey, that post was just like semi-analysing myself.... i think its the case with most of us... we all don't want to accept the things as they are... we r too shy to confess that and in the end we end up with "nothing" ... it all seems to be far behind... we feel like being isolated... so its always better to change for the better than remain the same for the worse... As its better late than never...
God bless u!
Besties to u...

Preetam said...

change the first line in ur last para..."I guess these are some of the few small things in my life ".............ther r many ;)....nyways lifes nt nly bout doin wat u luv to do but also lovin wat u do....jus like "livin lyf, lovin lyf "

Anonymous said...

there are many similar things tht were going arnd in my mind too....
and i cud easily put myself in ur shoes.. feels a bit comfortable at the thought that there a few people like me...
take care .. bye
naresh (i've been reading u but u donno me)

Fursat said...

well most of the thing you have listed are same as mine..

sometime me too regret that i could have been more flexible to things or person...and i could have enjoyed more :|

but yeah time for a change..

and sorry for my late appreance :)

God bless u !

rohini said...

I didnt tell the girls I've liked., that .,I like them...

itz alrity kk...u can temme.. *wink*..

jus now..joined tis HYDERABAD comm...seen yer thread ther...confessionz evrywher eh!!

Kk said...

@ rohini

Yeah rite ! :P

Fiona said...
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Fiona said...


Thanx for stopping by my blog too. And you liked the pics?!... cool... can you please tell my brother that?? he he kiddin.

Question though, you said in yer blog "Someone told me I've lived a pretty comfortable life so far.."... seems similar to the line I had said. Correct me if I'm wrong. Bubye!.. KIT

badgirl said...

Honest confession, nice one.
hi sunanda here from bloggers@orkut community.

baddie said...

Dtz a real kewl confession dude...

nw me wana comment on ur last lines.."I have regrets bout and are holding me back 4m having fun and experiencing the magic of life to its fullest".... bosss... d bst part ova hia is dt u ve realized itt... itz nva tooo late.. masti kar beyfikar.. n nw plz DNT EVA LET UR OL PALZ N NEW FRNZ GO!!... v r very lucky 2 chooose our frnz.. n wen u got dm..dnt let dm go dt easily..

n abt moi kinda bad..n if eva u dnt like nethng abt me.. tel dt on mah face.. bt nva break d dosti awite??..n hey did ya notice.. me nt usin d "bey" word.. knw y?? coz 4 me dosti is evrythng..u khusi mah khushi.. hope u 2 understnd dt:D:D..aila.. kuch xtra type hogaya.. ciao..!

sailu said...

First time commenting here.Cool blog you have here,Komal..:)
Wishing you a wonderful New Year!

praveen soma said...

dude...yu really of thizz kindd???

hmmm yu made me think twice da..

ny wayzz ... kudozzzz

Freak-Y said...

hmm... who doesnt have these thoughts man :). naku telisina vallandaru ide type le. so not to worry. everything from the past is what makes us right now. change, but only if you hate being what u are :D.

tc, musicz good

P A said...

u seem 2 think a lot ............. i too,.. dat part abut not bein able 2 tell ur mom, dad ,sis ,bro dat u love them so mch really touched me .... evn i hve nevr told them .. as if they alwz understand.

Ashwini said...

this topic is just cool! sums up the opinion of almost everybody out here n is almost cent percent true in all our cases!