Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Movie Marathon Update 5 :

HERO (2002) : The movie I've been waitin 2 see since 2002 ! Yes ! I've waited that long ! I was so darn impressed by the promos that I wanted to see this movie badly ! Things didn't work out and I finally got my hands on this movie and guess wat ..., it was in chinese with english sub-titles! Thats alrite.., all this waitin., so I gotto watch the movie. It was very good,. not gr8 !
Chinese movie makers have a kind of a grace and class in showing stuff in their movies.., and the music is magical ! My friends think its dumb seein chinese fighters fly and fight in mid air ! Too ironic 4 ppl who grew up watchin colorful, dazzling missile-like-arrow fights in Ramayana and Mahabharata. Its fantasy.., ppl ! Look at it that way and Njoy it !!!

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