Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Movie Marathon Update 9 ( movie # 14 ) :

Dollar Dreams ( 2000) : A multilingual ( if thats the rite spell :P ) movie ( in telugu,hindi and english at the same time !) by our very own Shekhar Kammula. As the name suggests.,its bout when everybody was bit by the US bug.,when grad passouts thought go to the US or die trying . Its about a grp of friends., 9 if i remember correctly., half of them move to the US of A and a few are still trying and how the former change after their stay abroad and the effect it has on the later . At first it seems worse than the worst of TV serials but again., thats wat makes it so spl n natural .,just like its happenin with u. Wat i liked personally is a guy in the movie is not affected by all this n is firm on his decision to do his MBA in India .., JUST like ME !!! :D

( movie # 15 ) :

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003) : This movie's made based on a book 4m a series written by Patrick O'Brian . Well.., it was a real story 4m the pages of history., so not much can b changed bout the story to make it more movie like. Still., it was a pretty good movie and deffinetely one that has to be seen on the big screen. i watched it on my home theatre., and .,AMAZING sound (nominated 4 Oscars) !!! Russel Crowe was obviously great !The movie looked even better after i watched the making of the movie. The amount of money and hard work put into this movie is amazing ! Can u believe that the producer/director bought a real ship and built another entire ship for this movie !!! If u come across this movie.., plz do watch it !!!

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