Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Don't speak....,

This is wat I have to ask a few of my friends.., its all my friends minus the few true-good-friends I've got .., don wanna mention anybody's names but., if u r one of them and u know it., then read it., don have to answer to me., just undo wat u ppl did n that'll b enuf..,

You and me
We used to be together
Everyday together ,always..,
I really feel That I'm losing my best friend
I can't believeThis could be the end
It looks as though you're letting go
And if it's real
Well I don't want to know..., Don't speak ..,

I know just what you're saying

So please stop explaining
Don't tell me cause it hurts
Don't speak
I know what you're thinking
I don't need your reasons
Don't tell me cause it hurts

Our memories..,
Well, they can be inviting
But some are altogether Mighty frightening ., Don't speak ..,

I know what you're thinking
I don't need your reasons
Don't tell me cause it hurts
It's all ending .., gotta stop pretending who we are...
You and me
I can see us dying...are we? Don't speak ..,

NO .., i'm not heart broken or devastated.., I'm still gonna Njoy life with wat I have., but its somethin i had to say ...,


rohini said...

I came...I saw..

harsha said...
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harsha said...

This post seems to have reminded me of a few of my friends!!! Maybe I should get in touch with 'em 'coz they r among my dearest pals...

Parag said...

umm dunno if u know this but the song tht u have quoted dont speak by no doubt is a love song about a lovers tiff /breakup and is based on the true realtionship troubles the bands lead singer Gwen Stefani had with her boyfriend (who was also a member of the band). i seriously doubt u have used the song in the right context. and seriously consider improving ur english (or maybe its just ur typing)

Kk said...

Hey parag ! thnx 4 the comments man. I do know the song n the history behind it ., the lines I've chosen seem to b in the right context as I wanted them to b.

Comin to the typos ., vocab etc.., in the post.., well u're the first one in the blog world i'm hearin complains 4m. As long as I'm not being awarded any marks 4 my language on the blogs and as long as I'm gettin my point across.., all the above said mistakes are fine with me :)