Monday, December 12, 2005

Movie Marathon Update 8 ( movie # 13 ) :

Yesterday I had given my NMAT . Don bother bout wat it is.., its an important exam for me and I think i did a pretty good job at it. After that., thoda light masti at a very happening eat-out here in HYD. Thoda lite masti isn't enuf 4 me., so., 2day had to do somethin I wud Njoy. Hmm., hey ! Y not a movie ?

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005) : The fourth in its series . I'd say surely better than the third one. As I read somewhere., there was a lot of story to be packed into the two and half hours . This was clearly evident in the movie. This movie is much more action packed than the previous ones.
At the same time., it was different., didnt feel like a kid's movie anymore. There were teen emotions nicely shown in the movie such as crushes., heart breaks., jealousy and misunderstandings between friends. Nice to see Potter ., or as they wud say ., 'Ppphottaa' and his gang grow up !

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