Thursday, December 15, 2005

Everytime things go bad on any day., i manage to cheer myself up doing somethin fun or somethin good. So., I almost never had a whole day that sux badly .., atleast not till 2day. In a line., " today sucked.., BIG TIME ".
I got up very early in the morning to go visit the XYZ company for my college project. We got delayed due to various formalities ., so we were kept waiting for bout 4 hours and still no development. I really really really really HATE waiting. I lose interest in somethin when I wait for a long time for it., no matter WHAT it is .
I got back home coz I had a college application 2 buy. Well., was late for that too. I came home and I cudn't use the Computer or watch the TV coz my sis and mom very busy with them. All my friends were at college 2day. So., nothin much to do at home., so I slept for more than four hours !
The only thing I did 2day that I Njoyed is Blogging.


Fiona said...

Hmm... Strange reason to say ur day sucked!... Looks like you had an amazingly comfortable life so far! Neways cool blog.

Anonymous said...

guess you might also have enjoyed sleeping....but comon i dont think your day sucked thaattt much.

rohini said...

.....< bold>*wen yer day seems to hav turned itz back on u,stand up and kick it in the ass..*< bold> :D..

....says RON :P

Fursat said...

some day starts with bad things..but anyways u enjoyed blogging thats good..

thanks for dropping by..

the day u visited my blog, i visited urs a day before..

I liked ur blog..simple and sweet..

thanks for linking me :)

God bless u !