Saturday, December 10, 2005

Movie Marathon Update 7 ( movie # 12) :

Constantine (2005) : I had expected a lot 4m this movie ., was a bit dissapointed after watchin it though. The storyline wasn't clear.,may b we gotto have some christian religious-knowledge to understand bout angels and devils n stuff., movie was sloooow., visual graphics and sound were good.

Keanu Reeves performed in his usual cool relaxed style., but as an exorsist ? May b he wasn't the right choice. Not too scary., not a thriller., if u have missed this movie., relax.., u haven't missed much.

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rohini said...

ehh...luved the new luk...mirinda boooy!! *wink-1* *wink-2* *tease*...i c it more shinin..y?? christmas special???...*flutters the lashes*...

p.s: sorry for the dramatic touches :D