Saturday, December 10, 2005

A day with good old friends..,

I worked hard to make this work. My old friends from school had planned to meet 2day and 2day morning., it almost was lookin like the plan was falling apart. I did some calling up., some requesting and some threatening and finally the plan was intact. Had them home my noon., made some delicious Paneer sandwiches and watched the movie 'Constantine'.
Then we decided to go somewhere outside 4 dinner., first stopped at Eat Street and then went to another restaurant 4 dinner. On our way to Eat street we saw two accidents., the second one freaked us out enuf that., 4get bout stopping and helping them., we cudn't even stop there. It was just too unnerving 4 us to handle that.
We were very quite till we reached our destination. The place was full and we were on the real street very soon. I was stopped by the police then !!! I had all the papers n stuff., but they still insisted on me payin the fine .., 4 wat ?? Anyways., i have this talent of talking my way out of trouble and I did. These guys have become a pain in the butt these days.

After that., we had dinner at a decent restaurant ., but as always., there's never a perfect day. The food was all mild and non-spicy. Well., life's like that.,remember ???

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